Ambedo: The Art of Tran Nguyen--Pre-Order--Ships Sep. 2019

Ambedo: The Art of Tran Nguyen--Pre-Order--Ships Sep. 2019


Pre-order. Ships September 2019.

A stunning new hardcover art book that collects over 120 paintings and drawings by this award-winning illustrator and fine artist.

Hardcover, 9x12 inches, 208 pages
ISBN: 978-1-64041-017-6

Ambedo is a luxurious new hardcover book that collects the very best paintings and drawings by Tran Nguyen completed from 2009 to 2018. It showcases her sensuous and personal work that was done for gallery exhibitions, as well as her advertising, book and editorial illustration projects completed as a freelance artist. Over 120 paintings are featured along with nearly a dozen preliminary sketches. An introduction by Tran opens the book, followed by her brief intimate commentary for each of her solo and group show chapters.

The book features gilt edges (gold printed on the edges of the pages) and utilizes gold for highlighted text treatments on the interior pages and on the cover.

Tran’s paintings are created with a soft, delicate quality using colored pencil and acrylic on paper. She’s most known for her paintings of whimsical women and melancholic landscapes, which often possess an air of fantasy and surrealism.

Tran Nguyen is a fine artist and freelance illustrator currently based in Georgia. Born in Vietnam and raised in the States, she is fascinated by creating traditional paintings in the realms of fantasy and surrealism. Tran illustrates for magazines, books, product packaging, advertising and mural art. Her clients include Smithsonian magazine, Tiger Beer, the World Wildlife Fund and Amazon, and she has been showcased in galleries across the world.

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