Elfquest: The Art of the Story

Elfquest: The Art of the Story


Elfquest: The Art of the Story handpicks a selection of Wendy and Richard Pini’s favorite Elfquest tales, scanned directly from the original art. These self-contained pieces are some of the finest Elfquest stories ever told. Every unlettered art page is paired with its as-published twin and in-depth running commentary by the Pinis, so readers can easily follow each tale and see for themselves the creative process that is the “art of the story.”

Wendy Pini’s wide range of visual storytelling and technical skills are showcased through graceful inks showcased in The Heart’s Way as well as vivid mixed-media used in Little Patch, Rogue’s Curse, The Jury and Wolfwood. The book concludes with a fan favorite: “Rogue’s Challenge,” the all-out action story of Cutter and Rayek’s most dynamic confrontation, from Elfquest: Hidden Years #9 1/2. It features full pencils by Wendy displayed side-by-side with finished inks by John Byrne, who supplies a new afterword to share his process of working with the Pinis. Each story also includes an in-depth running commentary by Wendy and Richard Pini themselves, taken from all-new interviews.

Even the most die-hard fan will appreciate this strikingly fresh behind-the-scenes journey, while those new to Elfquest will gain an unparalleled look into why the series has captured the imaginations of legions of fans worldwide for nearly four decades. Unprecedented access to the Elfquest archives—combined with painstaking attention to detail by both Flesk Publications and Wendy and Richard Pini—now offers these gems for all Questers to share.

ISBN: 978-1-933865-86-7

304 Pages
9 x 12 inches
By Richard and Wendy Pini

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