Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method Studio Edition Deluxe Signed -- Oversized Hardcover with 16 bonus pages

Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method Studio Edition Deluxe Signed -- Oversized Hardcover with 16 bonus pages


The Studio Edition hardcover is 140 pages, 12 x 17 inches. Each copy comes signed on a special bound-in signature page which features a new piece of art. The book is hand numbered with only 500 being available. You get the extra 16-page section which includes bonus artwork and an exclusive Frank Cho interview, plus an alternate designed cover featuring a new painting of a nude woman. This edition will not be available through the book trade. Two gatefolds are included.

The "Censored to Protect the Innocent" sticker does not appear on the actual book.

Frank Cho, the acclaimed creator of Liberty Meadows, shares his secrets to drawing the lovely women he is renowned for. His exquisite line and masterful brushstrokes are explored to give the beginning artist, along with the most advanced professional, all the tools and knowledge needed to draw beautiful women.

No area is overlooked, as the book begins with demonstrations on how to draw basic anatomy—including the body, legs, arms and hands—plus more through clear, step-by-step procedures. Cho continues by exploring figures in motion utilizing ink, ballpoint pen, paint and watercolor while providing visual answers to an artist’s toughest questions. Numerous examples are featured, from rough sketches to finished art, along with helpful tips. The process of the cover painting is revealed in detail.

A storytelling chapter is highlighted by an all-new, eleven-page adventure premiering Cho’s Jungle Queen. The majority of the art shown here has been created specifically for this collection. Drawing Beautiful Women is enhanced by Frank Cho’s wit and flair for entertainment, as he interjects humor throughout the book for a fun and playful experience.

No one was harmed during the making of this book, except for Frank Cho who got fresh with one of the models.

Exclusive to the Publisher's Edition and the Studio Edition is a special sixteen-page section with additional art, photographs and a new interview conducted by publisher John Fleskes.

This book will include nude artistic drawings.


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140 pages

12 x 17 inches


Introduction by Mark Schultz

By Frank Cho