J.A.W. Cooper: Familiars--Paperback

J.A.W. Cooper: Familiars--Paperback


Drawing on themes of the occult, Familiars explores animals as allegories for the human condition—a physical projection of that which is clandestine. This paperback book is 9 x 12 inches with 70 artworks spanning 64 pages.


Mature Warning: These books contain drawings of boobs and butts! We understand that some of you may find nude subjects, even those of the elegant and artistic nature found in J.A.W. Cooper's works, to make you uncomfortable or may even outright offend you. We feel that the nudes in these books are graceful, playful, and charming. This is fair warning that as cute and cuddly as Cooper’s art is, it is intended for a mature audience and for those who are 18 years or older.

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64 pages

9 x 12 inches


70 images

Introduction by J.A.W. Cooper