Mark Schultz: Carbon 3 with Original Drawing

Mark Schultz: Carbon 3 with Original Drawing


This copy of Carbon 3 comes with an original brush and ink drawing that is drawn inside the book. This original features Hannah, from Xenozoic, carrying a surfboard while at the seashore. The art measures 7.25 x 10 inches and is located on the reverse side of the 9 x 12 inch signature page. 100% of the sale of this book will go toward the Stoke Out charity here in Santa Cruz that provides shoes, sweatshirts and food to our local underprivileged kids.

The challenge for any artist with a career that extends over four decades is to stay fresh while growing and developing within the territory he has staked for himself.  In these pages of Carbon3, Mark Schultz rises to that challenge, showing significant growth in his exploration of technique, subject matter and story elements. Schultz says he’s still learning, still working to refine his craft, and each new work is the result of an intense dedication to capturing his visions in new ways.


In this entirely new collection of the artist’s works—most of which have not been previously published—the Xenozoic world takes center stage. Schultz presents preliminary drawings and concept designs from his upcoming Xenozoic graphic novel, placed in context with an introductory text that addresses his decisions behind the new art. Plenty of poster-style images featuring Jack and Hannah are included as well. Carbon3 also features images from Schultz’s Storms at Sea and his depictions of myth and pulp adventure. The inclusion of preliminary drawings along with the finished results gives insight into the choices the artist makes in the process of moving toward realization of his initial idea. Beyond his stunning use of brush, ink and graphite, there are examples of Schultz’s continuing development as a painter working in watercolor and gouache.  


Carbon3 represents two years of challenges and development in Mark Schultz’s work, as he continues to strive toward a goal of better realizing and communicating his vision of human engagement with a largely unknown and always exciting universe.  The works found inside this volume are all important markers along his road toward that goal.

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56 pages

9 x 12 inches


Over 60 images