Portfolio: The Complete Various Drawings Deluxe Edition by Mark Schultz (Discounted)

Portfolio: The Complete Various Drawings Deluxe Edition by Mark Schultz (Discounted)

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These copies are half price, just $50, due to a very minor bump or mark on the slipcase. The interior books are as new!

Limited to 500 signed copies with premium binding in slipcase. This edition is bound in a red cloth quarter binding with printed boards and housed in a printed slipcase. A bonus signature page is bound into the book.

A compelling showcase spanning seven transformative years.

During an impressive period—2005 through  2012—Mark Schultz turned his attention to producing a body of personal works and private commissions. The results, collected in the five Various Drawings volumes, focused on subjects about which Schultz feels most passionate. Among them are characters and tableaux pulled from mythology, science-fantasy and pulp adventure, featuring steely warriors and  femme fatales—his popular pulpette women included. Schultz's Xenozoic world is profusely explored through a series of dynamic compositions with his protagonists, Jack and Hannah, placed in a variety of impossibly dangerous situations. In addition to his self-generated pieces, there are many examples of Schultz's commercial works done for comics, film and books, as well as renderings of newly discovered dinosaurs and more.   

Portfolio: The Complete Various Drawings compiles the 275 drawings found in the original five volumes as well as the cover illustrations and special bookplates. Reformatted into this oversized version, the scan for each image has been reviewed and meticulously adjusted.  All images originally reproduced in black-and-white are now presented in full color.

Found within are fully rendered drawings executed in brush-and-ink, carbon or graphite pencil. In addition, Schultz shows his process with a wealth of preliminary sketches done for a range of projects, including his upcoming Storms at Sea illustrated novella. Add to this rare sketchbook material  and Schultz’s increasing exploration of color-tinted imagery , and you have one fascinating and diverse portfolio!


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By Mark Schultz

272 pages

11 1/2 x 12 inches

Hardcover in slipcase