Mark Schultz: Various Drawings Vol.5 -- Signed

Mark Schultz: Various Drawings Vol.5 -- Signed


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A compendium of illustrations charting the artistic process from conception to final creation.

This fifth volume of Various Drawings showcases a generous selection of private art and commissions, along with a smattering of previously published pieces, all created by Mark Schultz over the past two years. A wealth of sketches, preliminaries, studies and finished art, this new installment will appeal to longtime fans of Mark’s work, as well as those discerning souls who seek only the best examples of modern imaginative illustration to add to their personal collections.

Despite being an acknowledged modern master of pencil and brush and ink, Schultz has never stopped expanding his visual vocabulary, never shied away from experimenting, never slowed in his relentless pursuit of graphic Nirvana. Nor has he forgotten his first loves and obsessions: pulp and noir-fueled dames, otherworldly SF and fantasy pinups, slavering dinosaurs and fearsome women, gleaming spaceships and alluring cosmic femmes.

Schultz brings all of them—even entire worlds—to pulsing life with his pencil or brush, the slightest nimbus of tint, a revelatory breath of dry brushstroke upon the page. Herein reside Hannah Dundee of the Xenozoic age, the bravos featured in the forthcoming Storms at Sea, a glorious 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea centerfold, and stranger vistas still.

Over fifty illustrations are featured in this volume—the majority not publicly shown until now.

About Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz loves a good story, always has. His lifelong interest in the sciences and natural history led him to create the award-winning Xenozoic Tales and co-create the undersea adventure SubHuman, as well as to write such non-fiction projects as The Stuff of Life, a Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA. He has illustrated a collection of Robert E. Howard’s Conan of Cimmeria and the autobiography of Charles R. Knight. Currently, he is completing the visuals for his Storms at Sea novella.

Schultz believes that the world would be a much better place if everyone thought critically, practiced simple scientific methodology, and recognized the aesthetic advantages inherent in a limited palette.

About Fred Perry

Formerly a teacher of composition and Renaissance literature Fred Perry currently writes and edits technical documentation for a large software company and has edited numerous volumes of theory and conversation about comics illustration. He wrote Modern Masters Volume 15: Mark Schultz from TwoMorrows Publishing and is working sporadically on a novel, The Night’s Tale. Fred also maintains Pandora’s Longbox, a blog of film, comics, and speculative fiction criticism.


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Introduction by Fred Perry

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