Pastoral by J.A.W. Cooper

Pastoral by J.A.W. Cooper


Pastoral by J.A.W. Cooper. 

"Pastoral is a romp through subject matter that makes me supremely happy. I refuse to intellectualize it further than that. Expect humor, expect sensuality, expect chickens, expect all three in one image. If that sounds like a damn good time to you I think we will get along famously."
--J.A.W. Cooper


Pastoral is filled with Cooper's energetic, expressive pencil and ink drawings of wildlife and their stewards. Gouache works from her travels and her most recent gallery paintings also appear. The Pastoral hardcover book is 128 pages at 11.5 x 12 inches. Over 170 previously unpublished works are collected.


Mature Warning: This book contains lots of asses, some butts, and other natural stuff as well. We think the nudity is tasteful and the humor is playful, nevertheless you may want to use your discretion if you are gifting this book to anybody under 18.

ISBN: 978-1-64041-013-8
128 pages
11.5 x 12 Inches

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