Storms at Sea Deluxe Edition by Mark Schultz

Storms at Sea Deluxe Edition by Mark Schultz

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This hardbound deluxe edition is limited to 500 copies and features a premium slipcase and quarter binding to the hardcover boards with cloth around the spine. Each copy is numbered and signed.

“History as you think you understand it does not exist, Griff. The world you think you know is actually a construct fashioned from the fears of the human race.”

The contours of her eyes were soft and inviting, but, if you looked straight into them, they got sharp and feral.

“I don’t lie, Griff. Ever. In my world, if you need to lie, it’s already too late.”

A scientist working to develop a new source of limitless energy is dead, and the man who was hired to protect him needs to know why.

The dead man’s niece and a mysterious manuscript from his laboratory safe may hold all the answers, or they may lead down an endless rabbit hole ending in madness and cataclysm.

Now the man named Griff must decide how far he can trust the girl--and how much he is willing to risk--as he stumbles blindly toward the powers that control our fates.

Storms at Sea is Mark Schultz’s new, heavily illustrated novella that explores the border between what we want to believe is true and the reality that we'd prefer to keep concealed. From a crime-fiction framework, it opens up into a breathtaking journey through cryptic history, cautionary science-fiction and a speculative vision of the deep future. The story is told through 31 pages of prose and 31 full-page illustrations.

ISBN: 978-1933865-66-9

82 pages
13.5 x 10.5 inches
Hardcover Deluxe Edition in Slipcase
Introduction by John W.G. Christensen
Over 30 images

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