Tribes of Kai

Tribes of Kai


The Mantakai prepare for a ritualistic rite of passage in which a new lord is to be chosen to rule over their five united tribes. The Tribes of Kai is a multi-layered graphic novel about honor, integrity and the trappings of war in which extreme circumstances call for unbridled decisions and finding the strength to cope with them. This is a barbaric and primitive world where the survival of the fittest is put to the test.

Artist Daren Bader and writer Lance HaunRogue bring this world to life with lush detail and an incredible sense of pace, color and lighting. They introduce the Mantakai (Man of Kai), a race of six-limbed, feline/humanoid, anthropomorphic creatures. The dominance of the five individual tribes of Mantakai are threatened by a highly evolved race of reptilian creatures called the Tobognai.

Tribes of Kai is an oversized, full-color hardbound book boasting sixty exciting pages of story. A bonus section includes concept art, pinups by top creators and additional text that delves into character and environmental details, the backstory, and the creation and development process of this new and original action-filled story.

Lance HaunRogue is an artist, writer and musician from beautiful San Diego, California. He began his professional art career in 1990 as a traditional 2D (paper) animator, with a company called American Film Technologies. Among the various other animation projects at AFT, from '90-'92, Lance was the Assistant Director of Animation on a season of the animated series "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" for Fox television and Marvel Comics. From 1992 until 2002, Lance pursued a career in the field of electronic gaming as both Production Artist and/or Art Director, on a wide variety of titles for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Lance currently works as a tattoo artist at Church of Steel and in his free time he writes and develops several original stories ranging from comics and illustrated novels, to screenplays and children's books.

For the past 20 years, Daren Bader has been an art director for the video game and entertainment industry, working with a large variety of companies, including Disney, Nintendo, and Capcom. Currently he is the Senior Art Director for Rockstar San Diego and is best known for his work on the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption, which won over 150 Game of the Year awards in 2010. On the weekends, Daren is a freelance illustrator for various trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering and World of Warcraft, amassing well over 200 cards in the field. He has also done the occasional book cover, including a series of covers for fan-favorite R.A. Salvatore. Daren's work can also be seen in 14 of the 21 Spectrum Annuals, as well as in his monographs "The Art of Daren Bader" and "one hundred drawings."

ISBN: 978-1933865-70-6

80 pages
8 x 12 inches
By Lance HaunRogue and Daren Bader

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