Book Proposals/Portfolio Reviews


We do not accept book proposals, nor do we review, look at, or provide feedback on projects or portfolios. Unsolicited proposals sent through email or social media messages will be unanswered and deleted. Packages received will not be opened or considered.

A message from John Fleskes:
I am always honored when anyone considers Flesk for publishing their works. It truly means a lot to me. When I started Flesk in 2002 I reached out to the artists who I was interested in working with. I discovered this to be my preferred way of discussing possible book projects with people.

I’m typically booked solid for 3 years into the future with book projects. I feel grateful every day to be in this position. But, I have had to stop replying to proposals due to how overwhelmed I have become by them.

How do I choose who to work with and what books to do? The short answer is that I go with my gut. A less short answer is that I pay close attention to what is going on in the industry. Between events, social media, and viewing the Spectrum submissions, I see a lot of artwork. If someone’s art jumps out at me I may reach out to them to explore some ideas. I could list 100 artists who I’d love to work with one day, but there’s just a few of us here at Flesk, and time is only so long.

I hope that all of those who are thinking about making a book can be encouraged to pursue your passions and dreams. It’s not easy to find a publisher, it’s not easy to self-publish, it’s not easy to make a book—but it’s worth it!

If we ever open our doors for solicitations I will note it here. Thank you for your understanding.