Wendy Pini

Wendy Pini is the co-creator, writer, artist and colorist of Elfquest, America’s longest-running fantasy graphic-novel series. She has worked for every major comics company, has written and painted two Beauty and the Beast graphic novels based on the original TV series and has birthed a critically acclaimed 400-page futuristic reimagining of Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death, currently in development as a Broadway-style musical thriller.

Richard Pini is the co-creator, sometimes-writer and full-time editor of Elfquest. As such, he has written about the challenges of running a successful two-person company for over thirty-five years with his wife. In addition, he has participated in books on the art of Wendy Pini (Law and Chaos and the upcoming Line of Beauty) and of Alex Schomburg (Chroma). A graduate of MIT in astronomy, Richard also is a planetarium scripter, lecturer and teacher who has written about the wonders of the heavens.

Wendy and Richard Pini live in California and New York, to stay in touch with the centers of both entertainment and publishing.