Gary Gianni: Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Gary Gianni: Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea


The classic Verne novel receives an exciting fresh visual approach allowing the reader to experience the story anew.

Flesk Publications is proud to present a graphic novelization of Jules Verne’s Twenty- Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by the celebrated illustrator and writer of books, comics, and comic strips, Gary Gianni. The Verne novel, which has been adapted into films and illustrated in numerous forms, receives an exciting fresh visual approach allowing the reader to experience the story anew. A life-long fan of Verne’s novel, Gianni proves the perfect foil for this visually stunning recreation, penned by the “Father of Science Fiction.”

Gianni’s adaptation preserves the sense of wondrous adventure, while sacrificing nothing by way of plot or the finer nuances of character. This finely distilled narrative combines skillfully rendered depictions of the men and the machines they command. Their encounters with astounding marvels and terrible monsters, above and below the waves, create a rich and rewarding reading experience unlike any other.

This oversized, hardbound volume will also include the full text of The Sea Raiders, a short story by H.G. Wells, accompanied by ten original illustrations created for this edition by Gianni. Jim & Ruth Keegan supply the colors.

Jules Verne’s Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea promises to be a book which will be treasured for years to come by readers of all ages.

The deluxe edition is limited to 600 signed and numbered copies.

The super deluxe edition is limited to 40 copies containing original artwork.

About Gary Gianni

Gary Gianni has adapted and illustrated a wide variety of books, including John Henry, Kidnapped, Moby Dick, The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, The Complete Conan of Cimmeria, and more recently, Michael Chabon’s Gentlemen of the Road. His comic’s work includes Classics Illustrated, The Shadow, and The MonsterMen. He won an Eisner Award for his illustration of Heroes, a tale included in Batman: Black and White. Gianni currently serves as the illustrator of the Prince Valiant Sunday comic strip, an endeavor which also served as the subject of his recent book, The Prince Valiant Page.

About Jim & Ruth Keegan

Jim & Ruth Keegan have worked as storyboard artists, editorial cartoonists, book designers, and advertising illustrators. They currently create the ongoing, award-winning comic strip, The Adventures of Two-Gun Bob for Dark Horse, and have recently illustrated a two-volume The Best of Robert E. Howard set for Random House. Over the years they’ve also designed many publications for Gary Gianni, including Corpus Monstrum, which received a 2003 Eisner Award nomination for Best Publication Design.

ISBN: 978-1-933865-08-9

64 pages
9 x 12 inches
Introduction by Ray Bradbury
Adapted by Gary Gianni
Colored by Jim & Ruth Keegan

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